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Posted by DavidObro - 5 days ago

Yo! Don't tell Tom about this, but I think I wanna post OnlyCringe to a new site once I'm finished. My friends don't really like the art playlists for binging the comics. So if any of you have a good webcomic site that I can post these to without getting my shit banned for being too edgy or copyright striked, that'd be really awesome. (If not then don't worry about it lol)


Posted by DavidObro - August 26th, 2021

I just got my high school diploma earlier today. I feel fucking awesome! This is the best I've felt for a while in this horrible dystopia we're living in. I've had months of nagging my school (for just my report card, I didn't even think I graduated) that went literally nowhere. It felt fucking surreal, but they called me this morning and told me I can pick up my graduation package at the school, and now I have it. I finally have the thing that can help me get a good job or a higher education.

Anyways I know literally none of this matters to you guys, but have a good day. I hope things get better for y'all, too.


Posted by DavidObro - August 13th, 2021

This fucking heatwave man. I'm Dying!

I can't keep sitting in front of my burning laptop for too long to make these comics. So I'm just gonna make a break announcement, since I'm not doing good trying to draw shit anyways. I'll make sure to post the new page once I'm off my ass again.

So if you're upset that I only got 2 pages done this month, Stay Mad!!!

Peace! And have an awesome day y'all! Drink lots of water!


Posted by DavidObro - July 30th, 2021

Chris if those allegations about you raping your own mother are true then I have genuinely lost all respect for you as a person. Your antics used to entertain me, made me feel for you, and at some points I've even seen some of myself in you. But hearing about this has made me feel like I can't look at you the same way anymore. I knew you weren't all there, you were a bit of a creep, but I am at a loss for words for how much I don't like you now. This wasn't you being tricked, trolled, or provoked. You did this to your mother on your own. If you feel any guilt at all for what you did then you'll turn yourself in. I only hope someone can find your mom somewhere safe from you.


Posted by DavidObro - July 9th, 2021

Well guys we've officially caught up to the most recent comics. From now on you'll have to wait for me to make these in real time. What happens next? My theory is that either everyone is gonna complain about how the old comics were better, or someone goes and copies the idea and ends up making a way more popular series, Or both. I can already see it. What comes next for you guys? While you all wait, you can spam me with death threats and send hate mobs my way to kill your boredom. Or you can be nice I guess, it's a free country. (Also share, I like seeing number go up. I'm gonna be inactive for a bit, while I make the new comics, but hit me up if y'all wanna ask anything.)


Posted by DavidObro - June 15th, 2021

June 22nd guys!


Posted by DavidObro - June 2nd, 2021

I try to be a pretty reserved person when it comes to talking about myself on the internet or even in general (I can be very fucking terrible at it tho) so you'll have to forgive me for this wall of text I'm about to blast you with.

Yesterday (or today technically) I released the final page of the onlycringe comic. I've been releasing these pages daily for about a month now with a few breaks in between. But I think now is going to my longest break yet. I'm gonna be taking 2 or 3 weeks off from posting the comics: 1 so I can let the ending settle in, and 2 so I can have more time to finish some of the newer pages. (There are going to be more pages after this.)

I haven't been entirely honest/open about my actual work regiment on the comics. Maybe you caught on to this, but the entire VidCon-Saga of OnlyCringe was already fully finished before I even posted the first page to newgrounds. The original run was uploaded every 2-3 days on the actual OnlyCringe Server, and I managed to finish the full thing around the middle of march. The point I'm getting at is; You're not gonna get Daily comics once we finally catch up to the comics, you probably won't even get it once a week. After leaving the actual server it's hasn't been the most motivating thing working on these (I wanna clarify I left on my own terms, there wasn't any drama. We're all still friends and we still hang out). I just wanted to let you guys down gently. I work on these comics by myself in my own spare time and I obviously don't make any money off these. I will try my best to finish the full story before 2022, but please don't hold it against me if I physically can't do it. (TL;DR I'm a lazy asshole who wants to work on these when I get around to it.)

I think the main reason I enjoyed writing it so much is also the same reason I don't like writing it. I made a comic where I didn't create a single character. David Obro is literally just me with superpowers. I didn't even come up with the powers either. My friends made jokes about my hat and how if I ever took it off, my shitty hair would swallow the universe like a black hole if it stayed off for too long. The point I'm trying to make is that the only creative thing I had to do was find funny situations to put me and my friends in, it's basically fanfiction. For me onlycringe (at least this arc) was more of a way to practice my art on MSPaint (my only art program) and for me to try out an endurance test for what it's like to be a Manga author for shonen jump or something like that (even though we both probably shouldn't do that).

I don't want this whole post to sound negative, so I'll just say: Thank You for giving my stuff a chance. I won't claim to be famous or anything but it definitely surprised me to see some of my stuff get the amount of views that it did. I know I said small amount of views in my other post, but I don't wanna make it sound like I don't appreciate the views I do get. I know it's not easy to get an audience when you're just starting out, and I know 100% that my comics aren't for everyone. So you know, the fact that any of you guys are here reading my stuff really means a lot to me. Thanks for being here, and I hope you'll all continue to put up with my bullshit in the future.

Bye guys.



Posted by DavidObro - May 31st, 2021

I didn't wanna make another news post till I finished the comic, but I'm dealing with some technical bullshit right now relating to the art portal. I'm not really sure if this is just me or the entire site is going haywire right now, but none of my new posts are going to the art portal right now and I don't want my already small amount of views to suddenly wither away and die, so I'm gonna put off posting the comics till I get this sorted out. Sorry y'all. (If any of you know what's going on please contact me.)


Posted by DavidObro - April 30th, 2021

Tomorrow I'm gonna be Uploading the first page of the Only Cringe comic (drawn in MSPaint). It's a series starring me and my buddies committing crimes and chasing down a bunch of famous people people on the internet. (It's not as bad as it sounds, but it looks like a child drew it sometimes.) I'll be posting 1 page per day until the middle of May where I might slow down (My birthday coming up), it should wrap up by the end of May/Beginning of June. But yeah, my OnlyCringe Comic playlist is finally gonna have more than 1 picture in it now, and that's frickin' awesome.

Come check it out. It's totally epic dude!